Marriages are a personal investment, and when things go wrong it can erode your confidence and sense of self. It can be easy to hide problems and pretend that everything is okay for a while even when you know that it isn’t. You may have tried various ways to improve things over the months or years. One way forward is to try marriage counselling and therapy.

Here are some primary marriage counselling tips:

  • The couple has to have a commitment towards growth: Finding the commitment is so critical. Teams, workplaces, and marriages all need to find the level of commitment. We need to see how we are to grow together and make a clear commitment to it.
  • Build an effective communication system: How couples communicate needs to be agreed upon and explored. Couples need to grow together in how they learn to speak to each other. Respect needs to be built on the commitment they make to one another.
  • Learn to use conflict creatively: Conflict is bound to happen. How the conflict is used to grow and learn is the key to using it creatively. It is like playing a video game… for example, the loser of the game is the person who listens the least. If a player of the game is constantly pushing their agenda they are losers in the game.