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Executive Coach Leadership Training

What is driving your search for an Executive Coach? Is the team stressed? Are they not working well as a group? Or do they have mental health needs that have been unidentified impacting performance? Our Executive Coach Program addresses these concerns helping to make the executive team perform at their highest potential. We serve clients throughout Southwestern Ontario.


Is there a coach – mental health support person the team can access that helps staff deal with stress?


Are you conducting risk assessments for stress? Are workloads being monitored?


Improve workflow by identifying stressors and providing support for optimal work habits.


Create monthly team meetings to improve team dynamics and overall staff performance.


Get help for: Mental Health, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, & Addictions

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients have to say about us:

“Tim’s support was the best thing that ever happened to me. Before providers told me what my issues were and did not listen, dealing with things that did not even exist. Now I am engaged using my art. I have a steady income, and living my dream to be an artist.”

Barbara Lee

Guelph, Ontario

Tim Tentcher was our keynote speaker for the 7th Annual Quality Child Care Initiative Conference for Guelph and Wellington County. His presentation on the “Power of Diversity” was well received by the participants of this conference and all were inspired by his passion on empowering people.

Paola Hohenadel

Exeutive Director

Tim has helped me and my family to learn how to cope together. We are working on how to help me start my own business and expand my career. My anxiety and depression are much better and I feel I am able to get on with my life.

Michel & Mom

Cargill, Ontario

Areas of Expertise

Our counselling and therapy programs address issues any individual could face at home with family and spouses or at the workplace. We focus on helping you build healthier happier relationships in all areas of life. You can rely on our decades of experience helping people just like you whether your need relates to family or business. 


You need to think out of the box! Anxiety can make you feel trapped in your mind. Thoughts that seem true may not be. For example, you may have been sexually abused and for good reason think all men are jerks. Are ALL MEN jerks? Have you never met a man who has not hurt you? This is how you get out of trapped thinking.

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Treatment for panic attacks cannot be a one solution fix. Panic is complex. Life is complex. So many things can happen and this is why treatment for panic attacks needs to be done for the issue that is happening. This is panic situation solution # 13 and we are going to reveal how to deal with panic while getting lost while driving.

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for anxiety and depression (CBT) helps you to deal with your emotions by finding clarity in your thinking process, which helps you to make lasting changes to your moods. Hundreds of studies by research psychologists and psychiatrists make it clear why CBT has become the preferred treatment for conditions.

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Who We Are

Tim Tentcher is the founder of Mental Health Support Counselling and has been involved with mental health treatment and program development in the community for over 25 years. His unique approach provides effective supportive counselling using a blend of Cognitive Therapy, Positive Psychology and Life Planning. This, combined with his medical nursing knowledge of medication issues, can help you and your family deal effectively with mental health concerns. We look forward to supporting you!