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Best treatment for anxiety will help you feel less trapped. You need to think out of the box! Anxiety can make you feel trapped in your mind. Thoughts that seem true may not be. For example, you may have been sexually abused and for good reason think all men are jerks. Are ALL MEN jerks? Have you never met a man who has not hurt you? This is how you get out of trapped thinking. The Best Treatment For Anxiety is cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). It helps you review your thinking like we did above in a more objective less feeling manner.

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You need to recognize the reptiles in your brain!


Research has said that our brains have not evolved beyond our reptilian instincts. We still feel that the hammer will fall any day. Just like the cave man worried about being clubbed int the head. Did you ever wonder why people are so negative at times? The fact that our brains are programmed for a flight freight response explains it.  Knowing this helps us not trip out about our stress as much. Here is the next tip for the Best Treatment For Anxiety.

Think about your fear in an exaggerated way: Pretend that you are telling your fear to someone else and make it as exaggerated as possible. Or really tell someone else. For example, say you are worried about standing in line at the grocery store and your credit card will not work. You’re really afraid of this because someone was really rude to you a few weeks ago when your card did not work. Tell them an exaggerated story like I am sure the person behind me will start pulling their hair out and screaming that I am so dumb that my card does not work! This is a method for anxiety treatment at home.

Here Is The Next Tip for The Best Treatment For Anxiety.

Write a letter to your fear: You can use any of these anxiety relief techniques on your own. We would be happy to help you as well. Contact Us!

Writing a letter to what is bothering you can really help. Tell the fear your sick of it! At times the fear can be a real part of us. Writing to it can help us to let go!

Remember 99% of the time the NOW is safe: Think about it how safe are you NOW? Are you in a safe place. There is no immediate threat. If there is find a safe spot! Are you going to have a warm meal? Will you sleep in a cozy warm bed?

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Look out for this mind trap! Your NOW is usually safe. It is the future that worries us. Or the past that makes us concerned about the future. STAY IN THE NOW!

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