Why Marriage Counselling

Marriage Counselling and Therapy is very effective in helping individuals and couples to heal. Studies show the following: It takes less time than individual support. Working on something together is more effective. Our relationships really influence us. Over 98% of those surveyed reported that they received good or excellent couples therapy, and over 97% of […]

Help For Depression

Getting help for depression can be confusing and overwhelming. There are many different therapies and it can be hard to know what is best. Let’s make this less complicated. The light will shine! Here are 3 things to think about for getting help for depression Research will say what works Measure to see if it […]

Panic Disorders Can Be Resolved!

This is post # 12 of 25 focusing on panic disorders. I like to review Panic Situation Solutions because panic disorders can be complicated. Each situation is somewhat different. There are more Panic Situation Solutions on my blog. Go to the bottom of the page to Filed Under and click on the blue word panic. […]

Symptoms Of Panic Disorder

Let’s review symptoms of panic disorder and give a clear example of how symptoms of panic disorder show themselves and give a Panic Situation Solution.  This is # 11 of 25 Panic Situation Solutions. The one we are going to show is how to deal with is feeling trapped in a checkout line! You’re in […]

How To Prevent Panic Attacks

How to prevent panic attacks depends on what we are experiencing. Let’s explore how to prevent panic attacks when we have to speak in a large group like a family reunion. This is # 10 of 25 Panic Situation Solutions that I have posted each one focusing on a different reality. Sometimes we may feel […]