Beat Depression Depression is becoming all to common in today’s world. The news brings us down CNN the crisis network! Beating depression can be done but we need to work on it from a multi facilitated approach. Down moods can come from many things sometimes it is in our thinking CBT helps this. Other times […]

Depression Treatment

Looking for Depression Treatment? Depression treatment is different for everyone. We are individuals so it needs to be tailored to your needs. Medication is not the only answer and is not always what you should start with. Clouds will come in life. When they last for weeks on end something needs to be done. I […]

Marriage Help

Marriage Help Many couples needĀ marriage help. I have been working with couples for over 20 years and have been with the love of my life for 30! We need to know what we want to be together, what is the picture we would like our marriage to be. How to do this is explained in […]

How to Help Someone With Anxiety

How to Help Someone With Anxiety How to Help Someone With Anxiety is clear when your mind sees what it is thinking. We also need balance. At times our mind goes wild. What we need is deep rooted contentment. My book Picture Your Life shows what I have learned from living with anxiety since I […]

Dealing With Depression

Dealing With Depression is NOT EASY! Dealing with depression is not easy as a therapist and a family member who has a wife and daughter with depression I know that it is not easy. Popping pills is not the answer it goes way beyond that. We have to look at the Picture of Our Life. […]