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We are supervised by a Guelph psychologist in all we do! We have team meetings with a number of therapists to help us grow and learn how to support those we serve. This is why we excel at helping those we support have a great recovery from mental health concerns! Your search for a psychologist is now over!

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Mental Health Support is all about contentment and learning how to deal with the issues that concern you like anxiety, depression, addiction, life goals. Tim Tentcher is the founder of Mental Health and author of the book Picture Your Life.

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“One of the most famous teachings of the Buddha was when he gave a speech without uttering a single word. He just held a flower in his hand for a moment and then he left. Only one person of the thousands who attended that teaching understood what the Buddha was saying. He understood that all we have is the moment and at that precise moment he became enlightened. Also, Rumi said, “Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to walk in the garden to know it.”

Most of the time, the now of our lives is good. We are cared for. We will not die of hunger. We will be warm. 

The wise person is aware of what is happening around them by paying attention to the here and now. Understanding this reality is more important than wandering off into various theories or interpreting the complexities of the situation at hand. Stillness, clarity, and consciousness are more immediate than any number of expeditions into the distant lands of one’s mind. Such expeditions, however stimulating, distract from what is actually happening. By staying present and aware of what is happening, we can do less, yet achieve more.”

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Peace can be had! But finding a psychologist in Guelph can be hard. A Guelph psychiatrist can be almost impossible to find!

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Tim talks about needing to be grounded in another section outlined below in his book Picture Your Life.

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Tim Tentcher

Here is another peek at Tims book Picture Your Life

It is wise to stay grounded, which is not to say that we shouldn’t hope and dream. Having grounded hopes and dreams helps us get us to where we want to be. Goals set in a BOW fashion will keep us on track. Writing down hopes and dreams does the same. See the FRAMES Tool Kit at the end of the book for BOW goal setting.

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When things seem to be a mess and our lives are filled with worry, when our emotions are on the low end of the scale, being grounded can be very useful. Mindfulness meditation outlined in the FRAMESTM toolkit (the frame 4 section) can do the same, help us become aware of what is around us at the moment – blue sky; pulsing rain washing the world; a child’s joy or discomfort, being comforted by a loving parent. Being mindful grounds us and keeps our worries in check.

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See the FRAMESTM Tool Kit for grounding exercises. The WOW of NOW exercise helps us to recognize the reality of NOW and to see the safety of it.

3.1 You can be consumed

Gandhi said, “There is sufficiency in the world for man’s need but not for man’s greed.”

Guelph psychologist can help you find balance and live a more rooted life. 

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Does the desire for more make us happy or consume us? There is so much in our society that we can have. As people emigrate from countries in the East to the West, the seduction of consumerism is high. And those of us who have always lived the West are equally affected by the quest for more. It is almost like cannibalism, our consumption can consume us if we are not aware. We will be eaten alive by our desires if we do not keep a balance in our framework and keep a balanced picture of what we want our life to be.        A Guelph psychologist can lead you to hope so you can cope!

Guelph psychologist can help you see the sun again. 

More of how to do Picture Your Life work…

There is a ripple effect

Do we want to b a positive influence in the world? First, we need to get our own life in order and make our framework as good as it can be.

Our Guelph psychologist will make the picture of your life what you want it to be! 

We need to ground ourselves into this single concept so that our behavior is wholesome and effective, and moves us forward rather than leaving us spinning in circles. If we do that, we will earn respect and be a powerful influence. Our behavior has a ripple effect and influence others. The ripple effect works because of everyone influences everyone else. Empowered people are powerful influences.

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Seeing a Guelph psychologist will make the climb to mental health recovery easier and less stressful 

Another section from our Picture Your Life work

There is a beginning, middle and an end

We are born and hopefully, as we live, we are loved and treated well. When we get older, we focus on work and raising our family. But what we need to realize is that there will be an end. We need to focus on our mortality at every stage in our adult life so we can become one in the end with what will last and be eternal. The beginning and the middle is not as vital as the end.

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Alexander the Great requested to be buried with holes cut in his coffen
so his hands and arms could be outstretched. He wanted the world to know that the person who conquered the world left it the same way he entered it with nothing!

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There are stages of life that a  Guelph psychologist can help you with

This is what Picture Your Life work says…

For those of us who have been hurt or experienced abuse as children or adults, trust comes hard. But if we do not learn how to trust we can never have close relationships. Trust is the first stage we need to learn. Once we’ve learned to trust, we will need to take the initiative to discover how we are to live our vocation. Each stage affects the next.

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As we reach midlife, we need to regenerate and need a focus that will sustain us in our later years. Attachment to worldly things, to family, money, work and all the rest will not sustain us.

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We do need to understand the integrity of what we have done in our lives. At our final stage in life, we need to have achieved peace and a sense of integrity in knowing that we have lived our lives to the fullest.

A Guelph psychologist and a Guelph psychiatrist is here for you!

We need to engage the stage is another section of Picture Your Life

As we move through the stages in our life, we need to nd engagement and meaning. This is critical to understanding our purpose to knowing why we are even here. As we pay attention and become aware of how we use our gifts, we will have a deeper sense of meaning, knowing that we have used what God has given us to its fullest potential. This is done through prayerful awareness and the knowledge that we are using our signature strengths.

A Guelph psychologist and a virtual  Guelph psychiatrist wil meet your reovery needs

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See the FRAMESTM Tool Kit to discover how to and the beauty of what keeps us sustained by discovering your signature strengths.

People need to be treated equally       A Guelph psychologist can help

Indigenous Native American prophecy links all of life and the future of our planet. We are all one. People are not better than the rest of creation.26 Neither is one person or one people better than the rest of humanity. The same principle applies everywhere. One person is as worthy as the next.

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Why play favorites? Everything demonstrates this law. We are being human or human beings and this helps us accept the brokenness of ourselves and others. Do not gossip or waste breath arguing with others. Silence is a great source of strength knowing that we are part of humanity not better not worse than any other part. We are all equal in the eyes of the Creator, the Master Planner.

Family Group Dynamics  is speacliaty for our  Guelph psychologist

Groups and families have dynamics       More from picture Your Life…

Group and family processes unfold naturally. These processes are self- regulating. Things will work out. Do not interfere. Efforts to control these processes can fail. Either way, it may block the process or make it chaotic. Learn to trust what is happening. If there is silence, let it grow. Something will emerge from the silence. Everything does not need to be xed. Sometimes we need to accept “what is” in our relationships. If there is a storm, let it rage. It will dissolve into calm. Is the group or family disconnected? We can’t make it happy all the time. Even if we could, our efforts might well deprive the group or the family of a very creative struggle

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But we do need to understand how to facilitate the group process as it unfolds. Every group and every family has a leader. A family’s or group’s process and a leader’s process unfold in the same way, according to the same principle. Facilitating what is naturally unfolding is more powerful than pushing our own agenda. A good leader understands how to have a profound in uence without making things happen. Demonstrating or modeling desired behaviour is more powerful than imposing morality and an unbiased position is stronger than prejudice.

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Life’s processes unfold naturally. Con icts resolve themselves sooner or later, whether or not we know in advance how things will turn out. Knowing this can help us in our work if we are empowered leaders. It can help us lead our children as we parent them and it can help us lead ourselves to acceptance, humility and peace.

See the FRAMESTM Tool Kit for a way to communicate the beauty of relationships.

Families can be crazy     A Guelph psychologist is here for you

My own parenting was focused on self-esteem building. We were very careful to not raise our voice when disciplining, so as to not diminish our daughter Rachel’s self-esteem. She is now 23 and has a boyfriend. The boyfriend’s mother is from Portugal and at times, she raises her voice to her son. This seems so bizarre to my daughter and I think we may have overdone the self- esteem work. She cannot handle con ict as well as we hoped. And so when my clients feel guilty about raising their voice, I tell them that sometimes it may be helpful.

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Everyone loses it once in a while, so learning how to deal with con ict is important.

Family therapy is one of the most effective ways to help individuals and families to heal. Many families have characteristics that seem bizarre  to some of their members. A Guelph psychologist can help you sort this out The uniqueness of each family unit can be intriguing, but sometimes it’s hurtful. We must learn to accept differences, celebrate what is beautiful about one another and work on the hurt. Sometimes we must simply accept that there is too much to change in a person. Acceptance becomes love when you refuse to enable addictive or inappropriate behaviour.

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As families live together, much of what they experience is negotiation. Who takes out the trash, who is in charge of the TV remote… the list goes on and on. Negotiation must be done with dignity and respect. Confict needs to be addressed and resolved when volatile emotions are under control. A Guelph psychologist can help you sort it out. 

There are exercises in the FRAMESTM Tool Kit to help you develop peace in the family by learning to ght with assertiveness, dignity and grace.

A psychologist in Guelph is here for you!