Picture Your Life - Mental Health Support & Family Therapy

“Tim Tentcher of Crossing Cultures Cuisine was our keynote speaker for the 7th Annual Quality Child Care Initiative Child Care Cooks’ Conference for Guelph and Wellington County. The topic he shared with us on the “Power of Diversity” was well received by the participants of this conference and all were inspired by his passion on empowering people to share their diverse background through food. Tim’s intriguing message of how DAL (Diet, Attitude and Lifestyle) can contribute to one’s overall healthy lifestyle. Thank-you Tim for inspiring a community of cooks’ who provide daily meals to our youngest citizens.”
Paola Hohenadel, Guelph Therapist
Quality Child Care Coordinator Guelph and Wellington County

“Tim has helped me and my family to learn how to cope together. We are working on how to help me to start my own business and expand my career. My anxiety and depression is much better and I feel I am able to get on with my life.”
Michel and her Mom. Cargill ON

“Tim has been very supportive and knowledgeable during my issues with Bi-polar disorder. He is very positive and always finds ways to make me feel better. He is very thoughtful.”
Joel Eby (phone support client)

“Tim has helped me to sort out some very complex mental health issues in my family.”
Marg, Guelph ON

“Tim’s support has helped me to plan my life. I now have my own graphic design business. He also helped me connect to free community supports and my depression is much better so I can work in my own business.”
Maryland Kowalski Guelph, ON

“Tim’s support was the best thing that ever happened to me. Before providers told me what my issues were and did not listen, dealing with things that did not even exist. Now I am engaged using my art. I have a steady income, and living my dream to be an artist.”
Barbara Lee, Guelph, ON

“I have now had the pleasure of knowing Tim for several years through his Support Group, in the role of life coach, and as a personal counselor. Tim brings an upbeat, creative and pragmatic approach to his counselling and his diverse background in mental health and social services as well as his personal interests including world travel, food, and culture make him a fantastic resource. Tim is open-minded and non-judgemental, great characteristics to be found in a counselor. Thank you Tim for all the kindness, support and encouragement you have provided over these years!”
Amanda, Guelph, ON

“Tim is helping us as a couple to plan where we want to be in our lives with work and as a couple. He is guiding us in how to deal with our depression with cognitive therapy and both us are feeling better.”
Alana & Shayne Guelph, ON

“Tim’s support has truly helped the patients I have referred move on with their lives and have better mental health. I appreciate all he has done for them.” uses Tim’s phone support she says “Tim’s positive approach is always upbeat. He has truly helped me with my anxiety and depression. His advice has helped me move on with my life. I now have more money and am running my own business. He knows how to connect me to community supports that are free and extremely helpful.”
Sonja Kachel

“Tim’s approach is uplifting and thought provoking. He is helping me in my work to cope with depression and negative thinking with cognitive therapy. I have been able to stay at work and deal with my depression and advocate for accommodations with my employer because of his support. He has listened to my needs and understands what I am going through. I am very comfortable working with him.”
Susan, Guelph, ON

“I have been suffering with depression most of my life and I am now in my 70s. Tim is helping me to learn how to cope with my depression and accept some of the changes that happen when you are older like living alone. At time I have memory issues and he is giving me practical skills to deal with it. He is patient with me and helps me at my speed in a non judgemental accepting way.”
June, Hanover, ON and phone support client

“Tim’s unique and diverse history has imbued his book with a wisdom that is extremely useful to anyone no matter their personal background. Tim’s insightful and creative style of counseling is a solid basis for this book.”
Connie Shaw, Ret. Chaplain in Corrections, Guelph, ON

Moving through his book, Picture your Life, results in creating a life of calm, peace and serenity. It is clear Tim’s extensive expertise has come to full fruition as he shares it with all through the experience of his book. Buy it, have fun with it and create a new life… then live it! Simple…
Dr. Janice Fletcher, Author, Speaker, Trainer
Author of Optimal Wisdom Learning

“Written with the mental health client in mind, this book demonstrates true and tried ways to help people heal. Tim’s positive FRAMES are easy to use and will assist anyone going through life’s struggles. It has excellent references and will be a great addition to everyone’s library. ”
Joyce Pharoah
Library & Archive Co-ordinator Homewood Health Centre

Hi Tim,
I just wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!
I wanted to sincerely thank you for all of your guidance this year. It’s hard to believe that just a year ago I felt like everything was slipping through my fingers, and I cannot thank you enough for teaching me how to believe in myself, and take charge of myself and my life.
My new career is a dream come true. I work with the most wonderful people and every day I feel so grateful for everything I have. My relationship with Adam and my daughter is stronger than ever – your strategies helped us to communicate better, have fun and rediscover why we fell in love in the first place.
Anyway, at the risk of this becoming too sappy just wanted to say thank you again so much. You are an amazing and caring individual and I’m truly glad we crossed paths.

“Richard and I love Tim! We did not know him at all until we were referred to him to learn some coping skills for a challenging workplace situation. Tim had LOTS of great and applicable suggestions & resources that have been very effective. An added benefit is that we always leave a Tim-time feeling encouraged and equipped. We even laugh! And it has been our pleasure to refer others who will benefit from working with Tim, none are disappointed.”
Janet and Richard Smit